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Floor Machines 101: 
Which Attachment is the best for my job? 

Below are the floor machine attachments we sell; and ideal uses for each. 

Rotary Scraper

The rotary scraper weighs 26lbs. and is used primarily for surface preparation.

It comes with (6) 1” cutting heads.

Orbital Diamond Driver

The orbital diamond driver weighs 36lbs.  It has (6) 4” independent rotating Velcro backed faces that rotate at 500-600 RPM. It is typically used for shaping, grinding and polishing granite, marble, and concrete depending on the disc you use.

Weighted Diamond Pad Driver

The weighted diamond pad driver weighs 46lbs. and is used with steel wool, scrub pads, and diamond pads for heavy scrubbing, polishing, and light grinding.

Sand Away Driver

This sandpaper driver is a plastic one-piece block.

It has a 3/8” foam pad and stamped metal centering device which provides great holding power.

It is lightweight and works great.

Strata Grit

Must be used on a wet surface.

The most aggressive grit fiber available.  Used Primarily on concrete floors in factories.

It can also be used for heavy stripping applications. 

  The color of this filament is orange. 

Bristle diameter is .070" with a grit size of 46.

Comparable to a high productivity strip pad 

Nylo Grit

Must be used on a wet surface. 

The most widely used grit fiber. 

Ideal for stripping finishes from hard surfaces. 

The color of this filament is black. 

Bristle diameter is .050" with a grit size of 80.

Comparable to a black or brown pad. 

Scrub Grit

Must be used on a wet surface.

Is used for general cleaning of most hard surface flooring.  The color of this filament is blue. 

Bristle diameter is .035" with a grit size of 180.

Comparable to a blue pad.


The bassine scrub brush is used for general scrubbing purposes. It’s water absorption properties make it an excellent, affordable, choice for hard surface scrubbing.

Polish Brush / Union Mix

A combination of White Tampico and Palmyra. 

Used primarily in polishing applications. 

Carpet Brush

These carpet brushes massage the dirt from the carpet for a deeper cleaning action.

Pad Driver

This superior tufted pad driver has heavy polypropylene strands that are offset at ½” and are staple set into the block.  The tufts (strands) penetrate into the floor pad for secure holding power.

Solution Tank

(2.75 or 4 Gallon)

Add a solution tank to ease the application of your solutions to the floor.



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